Harley Torrisi

Brisbane City, Australia, QLD 4000
Harley Torrisi

Trivial Gears – 2015



Trivial gears was made as a group project in Studio One at SAE. As Project Lead and Team Member, my roles in this game consisted of…

  • Task allocation and Time management.
  • Modelling the platforms and cogs.
  • Programming most parts of the game, inc player traversal, scene management, player interaction and game loop.
  • Game Menu’s design.
  • Some level design, group made overall.


The player, controls a gear that has been mistakenly lead to fall out of place and break the clock tower. Time has now started slowing down as a result and it’s the player’s responsibility to fix it. Racing against time, the player traverses through the tower overcoming difficult obstacles and paths to reach the top and get back to their original position. The player has slight control over the outcome as they wind up other gears in the tower along the way to gain time. It’s a race against time to fix the tower before time itself stops.