Harley Torrisi

Brisbane City, Australia, QLD 4000
Harley Torrisi

Zombie Spawn – 2014


Zombie Spawn is a dual controlled shooter, zombie survival game. Difficulty is progressively increased each time the player kills a zombie until they are spawning five zombies in different locations every 1-2 seconds. The player has 9,000 bullets worth of ammunition and there are no pickups, so the key to surviving for the highest score is to not waste ammo. The player score is increased by two points /second.

Game Mechanics:

  • Player movement via rotation and direction
  • Player Sprinting
  • Weapon Fire
  • Enemy’s with AI movement and Sprint
  • Enemy’s die on bite, death from cure.
  • Increased difficulty over time based on enemy kills

The added features I implemented for extra credit are:

  • Player Sprinting, controlled by energy
  • A minimap that is real view
  • High Score